New Generation Subaru WRX Unveiled
Posted on 17/03/2014 in Sales
New Generation Subaru WRX Unveiled
The new generation All-Wheel Drive WRX has been unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show, introducing an array of new features, technology and sporty style.
The front design emphasises the aggressive stance, solidity and stability of WRX. Subaru’s classic hexagonal grille with a prominent three dimensional mesh pattern and hawk-eye headlights keeps with the sporty nature of the WRX. The low and sleek conceptual design of the WRX is more powerful than previous production versions.
A large opening in the front bumper together with the classic WRX bonnet scoop, wing ducts and flared wheel arches represent the powerful turbocharged engine performance and handling. A sharp character line runs from the front guard through to the rears, intersected by powerful wheel arches to emphasis WRX’s renowned All-Wheel Drive capability. The rear design resonates with the hexagonal design theme from the front grille and features an intensely curved boot lid that also acts as a rear spoiler. The wide rear bumper adds to the powerful street presence of the car and is offset by large quad exhausts, while the aggressive rear diffuser improves vehicle aerodynamics. To further enhance handling dynamics, a carbon roof has been featured for a lower centre of gravity and lighter weight.
Subaru has announced that the product concept for the WRX is ‘Pure Power in Your Control’, with the aim of reaching a pinnacle of driving excitement. The concept aim was to maximise the potential of the turbo Boxer engine with the highest level of driver control. For this to be made possible, the body has been made lighter and more rigid, integrating extensive chassis reinforcements. The chassis and body performance have been systematically enhanced to allow complete control of combining Symmetrical AWD with a turbo Boxer engine. By stiffening the body and suspension, whilst optimizing suspension geometry, the steering response has quickened and raised the cornering limit. Additionally, the Multi-mode Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC) and Active Torque Vectoring are added for even more predictable and enjoyable driving. Electric power steering, in conjunction with rigid steering gearbox mounts helps improve fuel efficiency while producing a more direct steering feel.
The new generation WRX has a new high performance 2.0-litre Horizontally-Opposed Direct Injection turbo engine for high power with low emissions, maintaining high environmental performance. The DIT engine has sufficiently improved performance over the superseded 2.5-litre model. It is the first time a manual transmission has been paired with the DIT Boxer engine.
Sport Lineartronic CVT, as a new optional, allows for increasing improved shift response, for a sportier ride than other CVTs, and higher torque. In order to achieve the best drivability and smoother shifting, the gear ratio and gear stick mechanism have been optimised. Wider gear ratios from the existing five-speed manual transmission keeps the engine speeds lower and allowed for better fuel economy whilst being quieter at high speeds.
Subaru has always made safety a priority and Subaru has committed to enhancing performance in all safety areas. Active Safety mechanisms such as the Symmetrical AWD is enhanced with a lightened body, improved rigidity and enhanced chassis performance along with VDC. This allows WRX to have the best hazard avoidance performance in its class, making driving excitement safe in all environments. In terms of passive safety, the new WRX employs more high ductile steel plating with strengthened joints. This helps to reduce weight and also produces a stronger body, with world-class safety performance in collisions from front, rear or sides. As well as collision-absorbing structure in the bonnet and bulkhead, collision-absorbing material is added in the side of the engine compartment, for increased pedestrian protection.
The practicality as a performance four-door sedan has been improved with an enlarged wheelbase, expanding rear leg room, elbow and shoulder-room without changing total body width. Front and rear door opening dimensions are enlarged, making entry and exit much easier. Boot space is expanded and made easier to use by adopting fold-down rear seats, with a large opening and 60:40 split.
WRX is a car that offers excellent environmental credentials combined with a sporty driving experience.
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